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How to Avoid These 5 Common Home Audio Mistakes

Make Sure You Have the Best Solution for Your Music-Listening Needs

How to Avoid These 5 Common Home Audio Mistakes

Every once in a while, we have people reach out to us about issues they are having with their multi-room audio systems. Rocking their favorite music is a hassle because they have lousy sound, can’t listen where they want, or can't even figure out how to get things to work. These are common issues we see in houses throughout Darien, CT. Since they’re brought up so often, we’ve outlined some of them below as well as solutions to each.

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  1. It Sounded Good in The Store

Knowing what speakers will work in your home can be hard. Store clerks have created the ideal environment and chosen appropriate music to make models shine. Now that you've shelled out the money and brought them home, though, they sound entirely different. Room dimensions, size, and furnishings affect performance. A professional should take the time to learn how and where you plan to use your speakers and calibrate them for any location or function.

  1. The Sound is Too Low/Loud

Not all audio issues have to do with the speakers themselves. Do you have specific areas that are too loud or too low? In those cases, the problem typically has to do with the number of speakers and their placement. When you rely on just a couple, audio will be unnecessarily loud when you’re close up and too hard to hear when you’re farther away. Instead, add in-ceiling speakers throughout the room to get more uniform sound.

  1. I Can’t Get My Music to Stream

Streaming has transformed the way we listen to music, but older multi-room audio solutions make it hard to stream your favorite music. Sonos is one easy way to embrace streaming. Once you install their wireless speakers or link your existing ones through their CONNECT amp, you’ll get easy access to Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and other popular streaming services.

  1. I Can’t Play Music Where I Want

Need to get your music fix but don’t want to be relegated to your living room or listening room? Don’t limit your audio to just a few corners of the house. With a multi-room audio system, you can enjoy easy listening in the bathroom, kitchen, or even the backyard. Play all your music—including turntables—through speakers of your choice from an app, touchpad, or remote.

  1. My Remote Doesn’t Work

How many times have you pointed the remote at the wrong set of speakers or had the batteries die out mid-session? If you have more than a handful of speakers, the remote chaos escalates quickly. We recommend going with a centralized solution that lets you access all your music and speakers from one app or touchpad. No more having to reprogram remotes. No more dead batteries. And you don’t even have to be in the same room to control the audio.


Have you encountered these or any other problems with your multi-room audio system? We’d love to help! Just reach out by calling (203) 653-5025 or filling out our online contact form.

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