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Simplify Your Connecticut Home with Motorized Shades

Rich AV Design Helps You Discover the Amazing Benefits of Motorized Shade Control

Simplify Your Connecticut Home with Motorized Shades

In the smart home world, even little luxuries can make a big difference. It’s true that installing shade controls will not only simplify your space and liven up your interior design, but also help you save energy and protect your furnishings. In this blog, we’ll explain exactly why motorized shades are a worthwhile investment in your Greenwich, CT home.

Protect Your Furniture and Other Décor

The sun’s rays can damage your furnishings. When materials like leather or fabrics with inks and dyes in them are exposed to natural light, the colors fade and the texture changes. What’s worse is that the effects are irreversible.

By automating your shades, it is a lot easier to make preserving your décor a priority. Simply hit a button on a touch panel or mobile device to close them when you leave, or create a setting that does it for you automatically. Is it 9 a.m. when you usually leave the house? Your control system will draw the shades right at that time. Your furniture will look beautiful for years to come.

Use Different Types of Shades to Save Energy & Increase Comfort

Lutron makes shades that shield the sun’s rays, but can still allow some light to filter in so that you aren’t in complete darkness. You can put blackout shades in your bedroom so that you can nap during the day or sleep in and not be disturbed by the sun. Then put transparent shades in the living room that allow some light to come into the room, but still block the sun’s harmful UV rays
By using your smart home controls, you can coordinate your transparent shades in the living room with the lights to achieve the perfect lighting level and save energy. Simply lower the lighter coverage shades in the living room so that your furniture is protected, and then dim the lights to a comfortable level to save energy and extend the life of your light bulbs.

By using this strategy, you’ll still protect your furnishings, and also save electricity while finding a comfortable lighting level for reading or watching TV. According to Lutron, using dimmers and shades can save you up to 60% on energy usage in the home, which could equate to substantial savings on your electric bill.

Contribute Nice Touches to Your Room’s Design and Style

One of the best things about using Rich AV Design and Lutron for motorized shades is that you don’t compromise beauty for technology. We’ll give you an extensive collection of fabrics, patterns, and colors to choose from to match your personal style and your home’s design.

You can pick from roller shade fabrics, drapery, roman shades or tension shades. Whether you want something light and airy for the kitchen or a romantic and dark design for the bedroom, we can help you pick a perfect style and solution for every space in your Connecticut home.

Not only can we tailor the shades to match your style, but we can also put in wall plates for standalone controls that blend in to the wall’s pattern and color scheme. That way you can access your shades on the go from a smartphone, easily control them using the switch on the wall, or draw them from an iPad on the couch while you’re watching TV.

Our team of professionals can help you start planning a special design for your motorized shades. Contact us to install this beautiful and beneficial technology in your home!

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