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Articles tagged with: Commercial Audio Video

Get Your Store Ready for the Holidays with Commercial Audio Video

Install Smart Controls and Top AV in Your New Canaan Store

Get Your Store Ready for the Holidays with Commercial Audio Video

If you work in the retail industry, you know that the holidays are the busiest time of the year. It’s critical to meet sales goals and gain new loyal customers. To distinguish your business from all the others, you need something extra special. It’s not all about door-busters and freebies with purchases. Commercial audio video can make all the difference in attracting those window shoppers into your store and keeping them there for longer periods of time. Shopping shouldn’t have to feel like a chore—after all, people want to enjoy this festive season every second even in a long line. To keep them entertained and in happy spirits, use professional audio video solutions. Here’s what Rich AV Design has to offer your business this season.

TAGS: Commercial Audio Video

Upgrade Your Restaurant with an Automated Audio Video System

Commercial Audio Video Can Boost Business for Stamford, CT Restaurants

Upgrade Your Restaurant with an Automated Audio Video System

Technology has revolutionized business operations for all sorts of industries, and the restaurant business is no exception. Automation is making it easier for restaurant owners to grow their businesses while keeping costs low. A big aspect of restaurant automation is commercial audio video—the music and visual displays you have in your restaurant. Below, we’ve outlined three of the main ways you can improve your Stamford, CT restaurant with commercial audio video.

TAGS: Audio Video Distribution NYC | Commercial Audio Video

The Best Boardroom for a Professional Office

Use Commercial Audio Video to Enhance Your Business

The Best Boardroom for a Professional Office

A boardroom has multiple purposes; it isn’t simply a place where people come to meet and discuss projects. The space may be used to make a conference call to a client across the globe, for special presentations, or to brainstorm new ideas. To create a multi-functional space, you need the right commercial audio and video solutions. Automation will not only make preparing the space fast and easy, but it will also open up new opportunities for your professional office. Continue reading to learn more.

TAGS: Boardroom Automation | boardroom shades | Commercial Audio Video | Office Automation